Art for a cause
"Sherbet Dream," an original painting by Terri Lynn West (Painting by Terri Lynn West / June 11, 2014)

One day, Terri Lynn West asked herself the question a lot of people do when they consider the troubles of the world today:
What can I do to make a difference?
Sometimes the answer is simply to do what you do best. So in West's case, the answer was to paint.
The Longwood artist, who had just taken a yearlong hiatus to help care for her grandson, was ready to resume her artwork. Inspired by a mass at her church, West on May 21. Her goal? Paint 153 landscapes and nature images and sell them on eBay, then donate much of the proceeds to The Sharing Center.
The Seminole County nonprofit organization helps the poor and homeless during personal financial crises caused by job loss or medical issues. Those in need may receive food, clothing, rental or mortgage assistance, bus tokens or help paying for utilities, medical care or prescriptions. 

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West is a regular patron of the thrift store and boutique that support the Sharing Center, and her church, Annunciation Catholic Church, provides ongoing volunteers.
So why 153? That was the miraculous number of fish caught by the disciples in John 21.
West's paintings are small images -- each only 5-by-7 inches -- but vividly detailed. They're based on photos she has taken in her own garden and neighborhood and those captured during travels across the U.S.
West expects the project will run through October, but she is already plotting her next venture.
“Maybe we can get a larger group involved next year,” she said of recruiting other artists.
Meanwhile, if you're interested in bidding on West's work, you can find it here