Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My favorite tree
With Hurricane Irene - there was a great loss of trees up north. I wonder how many of those were "favorite trees"? I have just a little tree as my favorite. It sits on the bank of the the pond at the 10th hole of the Rolling Hills Golf Club.  I see it everyday, sometimes more than once. I follow it through the seasons and even though this tree isn't a magnificent tree... it is just fine for me. The hawks land in it up top. The ducks lie underneath it and the Sandhill cranes peruse the soil for worms and bugs around it. It does look different every season - although there is no dramatic reds or golds in the fall or flowers in the spring-- the changes take place with subtleness-- almost not able to be noticed until... it is changed. You have to be a patient observer or you will miss the wonder and the gift of this little tree. I am starting a private  art diary/ journal. This tree is what I will put in first thing -- and as the seasons come and go I will comeback to it and draw and paint its looks from year to year, along with the spiritual thoughts that cross my mind, when I am contemplating this little tree. Do you have a favorite tree ...may be one from your childhood? What kind is it? Why is it your favorite?


april said...

I love your story about your little tree. I guess I have always been drawn to the big ol' oaks, especially in the fall when they lose their leaves and you see all their gnarly branches; so interesting. But, here at my house, I love my pretty Cleveland Pear tree. I do love its small blossoms in the spring, the little ornamental fruit that follows, and the shape of its leaves.

Terri West said...

Very Cool! There are so many trees that don't grow here in Florida - its nice to hear about those up north!