Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Won!

 I won a bulking dummy book in a raffle on the website Craftside --a wonderful site I found while surfing one day.
 What is a bulking dummy book?
A dummy book is a small model of a book. It has no content except for page numbers and optional hand written information.
 Here is Craftside's explanation of what it is:
"Let me explain what bulking dummies are. When a book is in development, a sample is made with the paper in the size, finish type (matte or shiny) and hard or soft cover before it's printed so the designers can get a feel for the book. They are all different and could, as you can see, contain writing or be an actual printed cover with the inside blank. ..."

 So what am I gonna do with mine? -- Make an artist journal of course!! Stay tuned!

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