Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy December Coming- Wonderful Opportunities Abound!

WOW is it December already? All things considered the last 3 years have been quite a journey of "letting go". God has shown me just how much I cling to what I think is mine in every aspect of my life. I have become a professed Lay Carmelite in a community in my church and am so blessed by this community of men and women dedicated to deeper daily prayer!  For a while I have been wandering a desert trying to find the path that I should be on... looking for water... seems like everything I touched or tried didn't quite work out as expected... so I came to a place where so many people come.... to nothingness without God "The Dark Night of the Soul".

For a couple of  months I have been working for the COPD Foundation helping to clean up  their call center database. I have enjoyed this immensely but the hours turned out to not be as much as I would have liked. As the economy gets worse for some and better for others... I prayed to God as to what I was supposed to be doing with my time. A few computer fix jobs came and went. I had applied for a job to a few other places but being 51 years old may not be a plus in this tight job market at least not for me.

My self confidence plummeted... mean while I was getting more and more offers, emails, opportunities offered to me back in my "old love"... ART. So one night after a particularly distressing bit of news. I finally gave up and cried and prayed to God.. "What is it that you want me to do? I am hard headed and semi-deaf in the right ear... Show me Lord-- drop it on my head for Pete's sake! I can't do this by myself anymore...etc" .....LOL!

 The next morning in my email was a e- newsletter from Linda Blondheim- a longtime friend and mentor to me (whether she knew it or not!).  She was looking for an artist to mentor! I took this as my answer from God.  I responded and just found out that I have been accepted along with Claudia Ballard-St Augustine, Harold Barrand-Gainesville, and Lynn Biddlecomb-Gainesville. I am sure that I will learn so much and I have given Linda  permission to kick my butte in gear this coming year-- I don't want to let her down! So you all will be seeing a lot more of me online in the art world and maybe out and about as well. The mentor-ship is once a month, on a Saturday, starting in January 2012.
I am continuing to work for the COPD Foundation part time. I love to be busy! Merry Christmas!


Jean Levert Hood said...

I am sooooo excited that you have the mentorship with Linda! What a wonderful gift!! Congratulations, Terri!!

Terri West said...

Thank you so much Jean it is going to be a wonderful journey for 2012!