Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October All Ready!!

I cant believe it! It's October! 
This is a large sculpture piece found in downtown Orlando, Florida, out front of the Cinema Plaza. I was down there for a pleasant art walk which ended at dinner at the Dessert Lady restaurant- can you say divine!!! I always have to marvel at this art piece and others scattered around the beautiful! Try to get out and see the wonderful art all over Orlando if you live here or are just visiting.

Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? I have a new Zazzle store where you can purchase my Christmas painting image called "Escaping Christmas Trees" on  cups, postcards, Christmas cards and even postage!
I have been training for new part time job and also dabbling in art journal book classes at I am afraid my journal pages are not as pretty as some online LOL! They are for me right now... perhaps later on I will share them here!

 I have decided to revisit an old favorite Charles Sovek as a way to reconnect with painting again from the ground up I know that a lot of my art buddies know about this website and maybe some newer ones don't - so enjoy!

 Is anyone participating in  the Oprah Life Classes?  I don't have time to watch them in the evening but I do record them and see them the next morning. So far I think they are  thought provoking. By the time I do the questions the wall is down so it wont record my responses to questions. I thought about saving them in my own journal on my computer but they are so personal I decided not to... as a way of moving on like Oprah says ;)

I am after 3 years, going to be professed as a Lay Carmelite- taking what they call Temporary Promises in November. It has been a long journey to this point. I have had many dark nights as in The Dark Night of the Soul as well as periods of wonderful mountain top clarity. It all culminates in me wanting to go deeper into the prayer life as a Lay Carmelite following Jesus with the contemplative heart of Mary.

God Bless and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Terri

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