Wednesday, May 28, 2014 and Sunflowers

       You know, sometimes the stars are divinely lined up so that it is clear which way one should go. This charity project has brought life and joy to my heart.  Painting 153  small 5x7" paintings for The Sharing Center brings focus on things that I care about. People having shelter, food, health care, and necessities for dignity. It occurred to me while I was interviewed by The Sharing Center this AM how very lucky and blessed that I am to have a home in a beautiful area of Florida full of inspiration for my paintings and creative trails that I follow. Meanwhile may be a couple of miles from me-- there is a tent city in the forest where families live... I don't envy them, no showers, no hot water, plenty of Florida sun, heat, BUGS, snakes,  and toad strangling rains. I am grateful and honored to help make some small difference. And it will be a small difference unless people like you reading this blog help--- your small contribution if you can't bid on a painting... SHARE this post. Go to and share posts to Twitter to Instagragm, Facebook, Google+...

Blessings to you and may you find your path through the flowers :)

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