Monday, June 2, 2014

Priceless PR from The Sharing Center

I am sharing this post from The Sharing Center's Blog today! Thank you The Sharing Center and Bill Orben!

Artist’s project paints brighter picture for homeless, hungry

The Sharing Center Blogger - Sunday, June 01, 2014
Terri L. West shows off 4 of the paintings she has completed.
Terri L. West has launched an art project to help the homeless and hungry and believes it could be a nationwide model for other artists to help.
The Longwood artist debuted May 21 with the goal of painting 153 5-inch by 7-inch nature and landscape paintings. She is selling the paintings on eBay and donating 20 % of the proceeds to The Christian Sharing Center.
She chose The Christian Sharing Center to share the proceeds because friends have been helped there, she often shops at the thrift store and boutique and she is a member of Annunciation Catholic Church, which is actively involved with the organization.
“What can I do to help?” West asked herself in January when she ended her year-long hiatus from art to watch her grandson and was looking to give back to the community. “One day, it came to me -- I paint.”
The number of paintings Terri plans to paint is not arbitrary – it is a reference to the number of fish caught by Jesus’ disciples in John 21. During a mass at her church earlier this year, the passage was the basis for a message. She saw inspiration in the number and decided 153 would be her target.
Her paintings are based on photos she has taken in her neighborhood, across the state and in her travels across the U.S. She also gets inspiration from her own home, painting scenes from her garden or landscape.
She expects the project will run through October, but she doesn’t intend to stop her efforts to help others.
“Maybe we can get a larger group involved next year,” West said of recruiting other artists to support organizations helping the poor and the homeless.
She also believes it can be a nationwide effort, where artists dedicate a portion of the proceeds from their artwork to support social causes.
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Blog Post by: Bill Orben, Marketing Manager

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