Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Sharing Center Tour!

The Sharing Center Tour

The Thrift shop

The Thrift shop

 A place to get a shower and do laundry, check email etc. for Homeless in Seminole County

The homeless can get a haircut!

 shower facilities

bathroom and shower facilities

 volunteers wash clothes for homeless

 new spaces to expand

 the warehouse where all things go to be sorted by volunteers

The food pantry

 this is where people come to get help and signed up for services

 HUGE food pantry this is just one isle.

Working poor and homeless get help with healthcare services

Thank you for looking. I sincerely hope you liked this post and will share it! If you like art or like to give small format art for gifts hint hint..:) Please help my project at http://www.153paintings.com or donate directly to The Sharing Center!


Jaime Haney said...

Oh wow Terri! What a set up they have! You are doing such a wonderful thing, I know you will reap it 10 folds. Earning your crowns :)

Terri Lynn West said...

You are sweet Jaime! I should be so lucky to get a crown... long way off from that! I am learning some valuable things while doing this. Pretty much not me but HIM :)