Monday, February 13, 2012

Dark Night of the Artistic Soul | Lynne Hurd Bryant - Blog

"Golgotha"- Mixed Media-Artist Collection
 Lynne Hurd Bryant blogged recently on a subject that I find intriguing both for spiritual / religious purposes as well as in my art world: Dark Night of the Artistic Soul | Lynne Hurd Bryant - Blog
  The phrase "Dark Night of the Soul" originally comes from  the name of a poem called  Dark Night of the Soul written by a Catholic Carmelite  mystic named St. John of the Cross. I am a member of  the Lay Carmelites in my church and we study this subject extensively. I had a rather long spiritual "Dark Night of the Soul" before my  profession and it also included my whole art business,... indeed my whole life as well! If you are curious as to what this state is you may want to check out  the Wikipedia explanation here:

 And here is a translation of the poem to read if you are interested:

      My art that I am making right now has many deep sometimes religious meanings to me- Sometimes I can explain them to my collectors - some I leave the explanations  up to their own interpretation.  Coming out of the dark night of the soul state... I am more  tender, humble, grateful, loving, joyful and a whole host of other things that I wasn't before this extremely painful state.  Now I can say with confidence and joy:
  "...And thus, speaking of its higher part, the soul then says in this last line: 
My house being now at rest."
"Tree of Life" Mixed Media -Artist Collection

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