Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012- New Beginnings

Here are a  few pictures of  the Linda Blondheim Artist Mentor-ship program  that I am a part of for this year. I am so grateful for Linda and the other artists involved--it is really going to be a great productive year! Linda Blondheim has a gorgeous studio at the Paddiwhack in Gainesville.... everywhere you look -- eye candy!
It is challenging to get my art business back up and running since I shut down for a while because of the economy. I did not stop making art or crafting... just stopped the business end and went back to school! Well, once you have art in your blood-- it really never goes away ... being creative just gets poured out into all kinds of things like cooking, crafting, hobbies, photography and life in general. I collect other artists' works as well as produce my own art.  Collecting art and making art is  pleasure that I can't describe very well.  Art can be like a good book or movie that you keep reading or watching because you learn new things each time you view it. For me the feelings border and usually are... spiritual in nature. Just like nature which is ever changing, so is the art kaleidoscope.
New hair for me! Just a little wacky don't you think!

Here is a photo of an oil painting that I am revising. I have 3 that I am working on at the same time- none of them are in a series  per say. I do have a few series painting ideas  that are floating around in my head- so I need to finish what I started to make room!
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