Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Own Artist In Residence

      My friend and mentor Linda Blondheim has a blog  where she writes about her Artists in Residence Project. She is lucky to have the freedom and the "where with all" to be able to do this project and I enjoy her posts on the places she has been and the paintings she has completed.
   I have so many distractions that I sometimes put these above my art business and painting. This is a discipline that I have decided to attack and embrace as one of my goals this year.
     My artist in residence will be in my own studio. I am declaring it to start Monday February 20, 2012 and end Friday February 24, 2012. I am going to treat this time as if I am in residence or on a week long workshop.
 My goals are:
  1. I will  be in my studio or outside at a place in the Orlando area painting everyday 9AM-5PM.
  2. I will NOT be using the computer or my smart phone to cruise the internet or post etc... until after 5PM.
  3. I will not have the TV on from 9-5PM.
  4. I will start a series of new paintings and finish them -goal 5 new paintings
  5. I will post on my blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in the evening- the updates to my endeavors
  Between now and  Monday AM I will be in the planing stages: selecting and getting photographs to work from, deciding on compositions, drawing,  Notan , selecting the color palette I will be using, doing a few color charts and preparing the canvases.
    I am going to treat this time as if I paid over a thousand dollars for a workshop and therefore nothing else is more important! (barring real emergencies) :) 
    Wish me luck! 


    linda blondheim said...

    This will be an excellent residency for you Terri. Brava!!
    Thanks for the mention.:-)

    Terri L. West said...

    Thank you so much Linda, I am having so much fun planning for next week!

    Jean Levert Hood said...

    sounds awesome!! Can't wait for the updates!

    Deborah said...

    That's great Terri, you are an inspiration to the rest of us. :)Will be watching~enjoy!

    Terri L. West said...

    Thanks so much Deborah!

    Terri L. West said...

    Jean thanks. Iam having a lot of enjoyment planning for this!

    Anonymous said...

    Perhaps I need to sign up for your residency

    Terri L. West said...

    Lol. Robin. Its working for me so far even if I stray. A little.... I may extend it longer!